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Once, when I was going through a difficult time in my life, someone said to me, 'Everything must pass.. Nothing remains the same.' This was not just a disaster for Japan, but for the whole world. We all lost something. I hope ganbare! kamataki will be a source of strength for you by showing we are here to help you on your way.
Nancy Elizabeth Fuller (anagama potter in Aberdeenshire Scotland)   facebook: Nancy Fuller Anagama-fired Ceramics

  The Supporters who donated items for our auction.

Doug Fitch   [Wood-fire slipware potter in Devon, U.K.]   website: http://douglasfitch.co.uk/

Joe Winter's work is donated from Charlie B Gallery of Vasefinder Museum in the USA.
We appreciate this truly kind-hearted response by Charles A Blim jr.
Charlie B Gallery  Fernley, Nevada (USA)   website: www.vasefinder.com/online_mus.html

Dameon Lynn   [Potter in Norfolk, U.K.]   website: http://www.dameonlynnceramics.com/index.html

Susanne Lukacs-Ringel   [Anagama potter in Germany]   website: http://www.holzbrandkeramik.de

David Voorhees   [Wood-fire potter in North Carolina U.S.]   website: http://www.davidvoorheespottery.com

Armelle Leon   [Potter in Locmaria-Belle-Ile, Bretagne, France]   blog: http://armelleleon.blogspot.fr/

Kimberly Sheerin Medeiros   [Potter in Pocasset, Massachusetts U.S.]   website: http://www.thebarnpottery.com/

Hannah McAndrew   [Wood-fire Slipware Potter in Castle Douglas, Scotland]   website: http://www.hannahmcandrew.co.uk/

Pat Southwood   [Wood-fire Potter in Salhouse, Norfolk, U.K.]   website: http://www.patsouthwood.co.uk/

Patricia Shone   [Wood-fire Raku Potter in Isle of Skye Scotland]   website: http://www.patriciashone.co.uk/

Mitch Iburg   [Wood-fire Potter in Appomattox, Virginia U.S.]   Website: http://www.mitchiburg.com/

Phil Rogers   [Potter in Rhayader, Wales U.K.]   Website: http://www.philrogerspottery.com/

Jane Wheeler   [Gas-fire Potter in Bale, Norfolk U.K.]   Website: http://www.janewheeler.co.uk/pots13.php

Yo Thom   [Potter works near Shaftesbury, Dorset U.K.]   Website: http://www.theoldcricketpavilion.net/?page_id=7

Paul Jessop   [Potter in Barrington Court, Somerset U.K.]   Website: http://www.barringtonpottery.co.uk/

Hollis Engley   [Wood-fire Potter in Appomattox, Virginia U.S.]   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HatchvillePottery/

Mâitre Bleu Potter   [Wood-fire Potter in Franche-Comte, France]   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maitrebleu.potter/

Honma Shinichi   [Anagama Potter in Fujisawa, Iwate-ken Japan]   Website: http://www.saitonet.com/shop/honma/index.html

I would like to support potters in lesser known small potteries in the Tohoku and Kanto regions. I have been to Kasama and Mashiko many times. I have travelled to the beautiful northern Japan in search of old pots. I just don't want to see these kiln fire disappear. Ganbare! [Hang in there!] Wood-firers in Touhoku.
Gas Kimishima (anagama potter in Tring, Hertfordshire U.K.)   website: http://anagama.co.uk/    Blog: http://anagamablog.com/

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