TOHOKU POTTERS in Need of Help

It will be 3 years from the Eastern Japan Earthquake on the 11th of March. The news was faded and almost disappeared from newspaper headlines. Not getting enough information how the wood-fire potters in the Tohoku and Kanto regions have been keeping. we are very much concerned.
I am sure that most potters already restarted their life as used to be and some are still trying to rebuild their everyday life again. Yet all the potters will be facing a real hard struggle for their difficult future. We would like to make contact with those wood-firers in Tohoku and like to know what we can do to help them.

The names of Tohoku potters will appear here soon
(we are collecting some photos of Tohoku potters and their work for this page)

Do let us know if you any have information about
what has happened to the wood-firers in those regions.

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